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Get Started

Getting Started with your Surrogate Partner

If you believe this process is for you, I'm here to help.  Use the button at the top or bottom of this page to let me know your situation.


I am excited to offer worldwide service … to anyone in the world who would like to travel to Austin, Texas.  If you do not live in Austin, I invite you to travel to our beautiful city.  Intensives, multiple sessions or multiple days in close proximity, are available by request.

Sessions are offered in a lovely private downtown Austin location with easy parking.  

The address and a mobile number for texting last minute updates are provided upon scheduling.


Time and Money


Each session lasts two hours.  

In between our sessions, you will have home practices, things I invite you to practice in between our sessions.  How much time and effort you put into these practices will be up to you. 

How long does the whole process take?  This is totally up to you.  Our bodies become overwhelmed when we go too fast, or things get too intense too quickly.  My goal is to never overwhelm your system.  Some discomfort is necessary for growth, but we want to remain as relaxed as possible throughout the process.  That means your body will be telling us how fast we can go.  If you choose to do the home practices, and make regularly-scheduled sessions part of your schedule for a while, you will achieve success more quickly.

How many sessions are optimal?  Unfortunately, not knowing you, I don't have enough information to know how many sessions you will need before you feel you have reached your goals.  

surrogate partner cost

Each two-hour surrogate partner session is $400 cash.  

Is this an investment?  Yes - an investment in an entirely new future for you!  When you compare the cost of the surrogate partner process with the cost of a lifetime of pills, creams, psychiatrists, products, surgeries, all the various "quick-fix" remedies out there, and especially the medical problems and chronic disease that come from loneliness and isolation, or the panic or anxiety every time it's "sexy time" ... the price tag turns out to be quite reasonable.

Looking for a little less support?

If this all sounds good but like too much support.  If you do not need help finding a partner because you already have one, if you have no history of mental health issues, if you and your partner would just like to expand your intimacy, if you live too far away to travel to Austin for the surrogate partner program ~ you might be more interested in the Healthy Sex & Intimacy Coaching that I offer through a different portal. Check out Healthy Sex & Intimacy Coaching here.  

A word of caution: if the surrogate partner program is the best fit for you but you are tempted to ask for coaching because the surrogate partner program makes you uncomfortable ... you may not be served well by Healthy Sex & Intimacy Coaching. I may refer you back to the surrogate partner program so you get the support that will allow you to reach your wildest dreams more quickly.

Your next step

You must be referred by your therapist, counselor or coach.  If you do not have one, you can locate one on your own or contact me for a referral.

Once you are working with a therapist, counselor or coach, ask them if they believe this might benefit you.  If they agree, either they or you are welcome to contact me to discuss your situation.  

All genders, sexual orientations and preferences are welcome.

See my client resource page for lots of other details.

Still have questions?  Ask them using the button at the top or bottom of this page.  

I look forward to meeting you soon.