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Is this for me?

What’s this all about?

If you are not clear on the surrogate partner process, please peruse the definition page and the resources in the library.

What are the keys to success?

The surrogate partner process gives you an opportunity to become a master of love, sex and intimacy in your future relationships. The keys to success are being open to change, learning to listen to your body, and taking action in your life outside of our appointments.

Are you wiling to change? If you’re not ready to look at your current habits and change them, this program is not for you. Most people who go through the program are surprised at the level of change they make in their lives.

Are you willing to listen to your body? If you’re not willing to learn to listen to your body and enjoy relaxed pleasure, this program is not for you.  Intimacy and pleasure are maximized in a relaxed environment.  When your body becomes overwhelmed it shuts down.  Because of this, the program might not move as fast as you had hoped toward your original goal. It’s up to your body. Once you open to this process, you will be able to feel relaxed bliss with self and others.

Are you willing to do home practices? If you’re not willing to practice what you learn at home, there is no use investing in this program.  You are training for real life. And the only person who can change your real life is you. So your real progress will occur outside of our time together.   If you practice what you learn often, the change you are seeking will come more quickly.

Wait a minute, this might be for me

Do you have a partner? The surrogate partner program is for those who do not have a partner. If you have a spouse, live with your partner, or otherwise have a sexual partner, the program was not designed for you. The idea is that you already have a practice partner. If you feel drawn to this program but have a partner, you might be interested in coaching or workshops with River.

Are you working with a therapist? The surrogate partner program is for those who want to work with a therapist and a surrogate partner at the same time. The idea is that this program can be intense and you will benefit from the added support. If you feel drawn to this program but are not working with a therapist now, you can locate a therapist on your own or contact me for a referral.

Your therapist will discuss the process with you and help you decide if the program is right for you.

Does your therapist recommend you for the program? A trained surrogate partner will begin to see you you only after your therapist recommends you for the program. Your therapist must also agree to collaborate with the surrogate partner throughout the process.

Does this sound like too much support?  If you are not interested in a process this involved, you might be interested in coaching or workshops with River.