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Surrogate Partner Definition



Welcome to the Texas Surrogate Partner website

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What is a surrogate partner?

We learn how to ride a bicycle by practicing, not by reading the manual or talking with experts.  It's the same with relationships.  A surrogate partner is a substitute partner who helps you practice being a great partner.  So you can enjoy intimate relationships with confidence.

The surrogate partner program is a triadic model because there are always three people working together - you, your therapist or coach, and your surrogate partner.  Your therapist supports you while you participate in the surrogate partner learning process.

Why work with a surrogate partner?

The best thing you can do for your health is to love.  Social isolation and loneliness are the number one health problem in America.  It turns out that loving is even better for your health than eating well or exercising.  People who are lonely, depressed and isolated are 3-10 times more likely to get sick and die prematurely compared to people who have love, connection and community.

If this doesn't feel possible. If you find the idea of an intimate partnership intimidating, have little experience with intimacy, may have a sexual dysfunction, are differently-abled, are transitioning, are returning from active duty, the surrogate partner process might be for you.

Working with a surrogate partner gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and practice them.

Surrogate Partner Program on video with my colleague Emiko