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Reviews: What other people say about River

Surrogate Partner Feedback

Client Feedback


These quotes are from River's clients - unsolicited.


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This program is much more than sexual.  It's about how you connect with others and yourself.

The surrogate partner program is much more than a sexually-related subject. There's even more to it than how humans relate with one another. It's about how you connect with yourself.  I truly believe the lessons should be mandatory when sexual anatomy and education is introduced in high school.

It's knowledge changes your life as every change should be, inside out. I'm forever grateful for it!


I just wanted to express my appreciation for your help this weekend. Your warmth and enthusiasm put me at ease and made it comfortable for me to open up.  Again, thank you very much and I look forward to seeing you soon.

You were correct in assuring me that things would work out for me.

My girlfriend and I got to know one another much better and spent many sexually intimate hours together. It was wonderful to be with her.  These intimate times with her will be treasured forever. This is a unique experience for me, something I have awaited my entire life to enjoy.  It is like nothing I have ever experienced.

I appreciate your helping me to achieve this intimate relationship.  Without your caring and nurturing this beautiful experience would not have been possible.  Your nurturing of me supported this.  I am most appreciative. Thank you for being so caring and giving. I really appreciate your confidence and support. 

Im starting to feel a fresh sense of optimism about my future. I think my sexual issues were/are causing a larger portion of my pain than I had even anticipated. I think the work we do together is going to improve my life a lot, it already has. Everyone should have someone like you that they can talk to and work on this stuff with.

I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. Not only by doing your part, but the way you have done it. All those little details, compromises and efforts among other things I have noticed you've done in our time working together... It has been a process, step by step but firm progress, that has brought more self confidence to my person and made my life much more joyful.

Thank you for existing.

You have no idea how much I appreciate your work/vocation and profession in general.  Thank you so much. ... I got in my truck and realized I needed to move the mirror because I was sitting taller.  That's how much of a weight you helped me remove from my shoulders!

I appreciate your helping me to achieve my new intimate relationship.  These intimate times with her will be treasured forever. Without your caring and nurturing this beautiful experience would not have been possible for me. I thank you for that.

I am so proud of myself! I arranged a safe ... encounter and actually pulled it off.  It was fun, liberating, and a little surreal.  I was myself and in the moment.  I engaged the communication and breathing skills we have worked on. No regrets or negative feelings. Not sure whether it is something I will do again, but probably yes.  Finally, a ..... Finally! Thanks for giving me the insight, skills, and confidence.

Thank you for an incredible and enlightening session. Your insights into my problems are allowing me to move closer to finding the answers I seek.  Our experience together was one of those gifts that is rarely granted to an individual.  You are indeed a treasure.

What occurred between us today is a life altering experience.  I am so excited to move forward with you on this journey.  You have answered questions that I have been holding on to for forty years.

I realized I have been directing my energy out instead of within.  Amazing difference! … I’m looking forward to the next time we can get together!

Just when I think that our sessions cannot get any better something like today happens.  I was in a state of bliss - another world.  The ways you have helped me grow into my sexuality and improve mentally are astounding.  Your presence is always warm, comforting and full of positive energy.  You always know exactly what I need.

It was intense for me to allow myself to be vulnerable and surrender fully to you… I was/am so amazed how much orgasmic blissful energy it stimulated.  Wow!  Thank you.   I don’t recall feeling anything that intense for a long time…maybe ever. :) 

 I  think it will take a bit to process the experience … I was very relaxed afterward … I had a very restful long sleep too, which I do not get to enjoy often… Thank you so much!

I really really loved our last session. The orgasmic energy it produced positively rocked my world.

You have that great balance of structure and encouragement to facilitate learning and help.

Directing the energy deep within enhanced the sensations and created  pulses of physical energy that we both could feel and enjoy. 

I have always been fascinated with you, brains and beauty and more.  Getting to know you only added to your mystique.  You gave me great pleasure in knowing you and learning from you.  I look forward to more.

I feel like I need to get a t-shirt that says "Made by River!"

Therapist Feedback

Dear River,  Your report was a delight to hear. Your energy feels very grounded and full of joy.  Your suggestion that our client begin preparing for his next partner sounds perfect to me.  I believe he is ready.  He's very shy and your help with that project would be so welcome!  I think you're an angel!  Thank you.  Of all of our client's therapies, his work with you has lifted his spirits the most.  Thanks for your complete and compassionate reporting.

I loved listening to your report today!  Sounds like a successful session and that we are all tracking together.  I am very happy to collaborate with you and thank you!

Our client's work with me has shifted and matured since your arrival.  I am impressed at how skilled a professional you are.  He has stopped fantasizing about women now that he really is getting to know one intimately. The shift your work with him is causing is profound.

This report was absolutely amazing!  Thank you for such thoughtful detail to his assessment.  I loved that you shared your exercises and your thoughts.  I think the breathing and the approach you are taking to work on his ability to get in touch with his own desire is wonderful.  Thank you so much!

Thank you for this latest report.  It must have been so wonderful for both of you. I could hear it in your words and your voice.  You are incredibly expressive and your earthiness and divine energy come through very clearly.

River, Thanks so much for sending this report over!  It's great to hear about the progress he has made; I've seen it too. ... Thanks again for the great work you're doing with him!